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Top 3 Craft Villages You Must Visit!

A visit to traditional handicraft villages in Hoi An is one of the best ways to get an insight into the daily life of local people and understand the traditional values of this land. Exploring Hoi An craft villages is an experience you should definitely try once in your life. Let’s pocket right away 3 traditional craft villages in the heritage region and beautiful souvenirs .Here is an introduction to traditional craft villages with lots of experiences for you!

1.Kim Bong Carpentry Village

Kim Bong carpentry village is located within the Cam Kim commune in Hoi An. Kim Bong carpentry village is a bright spot for tourists who prefer just to relax away from the noisy town that just discovered the Vietnamese countryside.They open every day with free entrance fee. About 10 minutes by boat across from the ancient town of Hoi An, visitors saw firsthand carpentry tradition with sophisticated products, unique. Moreover , Today, the tour to Kim Bong Carpentry Village is often a half-day bicycle, which allows visitors to see the artisans working with their skillful hands on the crafts. One is famous for household appliances, while the other is specialized in building ships and boats. Escaping from the crowd of the traffic and the hustle and bustle atmosphere in a modern city, tourists can join in a host of outdoor activities, which somehow help them to alleviate the stress of daily lives. In addition to conventional cottages, and bamboo houses, the residents commenced making household appliances, vehicles, such as boats and ships, which fostered them to improve the living standard. Kim Bong’s common products such as furniture, religious statues and finely crafted wooden doors can be found and bought in souvenirs shops. The prices of these items are affordable, sometimes cheaper than things you buy from other places because they are directly made by the artisans.

You can stay and drink coffee with the locals, experience professional Quang noodles and enjoy them. The grilled fish is one of the most must- try delicious specialties in Central Vietnam. Remember to spend time gardening in the morning or experience fishing on the river.

A visitor says : “ Interesting area to see boat making and noodle making. Fun place to stop at. People were nice, Nice place to take pictures. Interesting to see how boats are made and great carpentry and wood carvings.”

2. Thanh Ha Pottery Village

Thanh Ha Pottery Village is one of the oldest craft villages in Hoi An. With familiar images of red-roof communal houses, yellow brick walls, dock and banyan tree. Its Address is Block 5, Thanh Ha Ward, Hoi An.

The village opens every day at 8 am and takes its last visitors around 5:30 pm.

  • Village Price is : 35,000 VND (1.50 USD)

  • Children under 1.2m: Free,

  • Children over 1.2m: 15.000 VND (0.65 USD).

  • Museum & Park Price: 40,000 VND (1.75 USD).

Coming here, you can witness skillful hand techniques of mixing clay, molding pottery into different products like bowl, cup, vase or dishes on a pottery wheel, baking and decorating pottery. Do not only learn about history and capture some photos, you would definitely have so much fun trying to make some pottery crafts on your own which must be the most meaningful souvenir ever for your friends and family.

Customer review :” Thanh Ha was a remarkable experience. A short cab ride for Hoi An, the village contains many pottery studios. I highly recommend Son Thuy, in the far corner of the village ... very artistic work with hand painted items. The museum is well worth a stop, with amazing work on display. And, take advantage of the opportunity to make a pot on a potter's wheel. Small admission to enter the village and visit the museum, both well worth it “

3. Tra Que Vegetable Village

Tra Que Vegetable Village is located in Cam Ha Commune, 3 kilometers away from the center of Hoi An City to the Northwest. The local households have utilized this over-40-hectare area to implement crop rotation and intercropping with more than 20 types of leafy vegetables and spices for nearly 300 years.Tra Que is a charming little village on the edge of Hoi An, the village is named after the sweet scented vegetables that spice up the everyday meals of the Pho Hoi people.

Experience a day of living and working with the local people in Tra Que vegetable village, in which you will have a chance to discover the daily life of farmers

As for the ticket fee to the village, it is only 35,000 VND/person/day for both sightseeing and farming activities. What a low price for an exciting excursion in the ancient town!

Customer’s review : “ An absolutely wonderful morning and lunch. The guide came to our hotel with bicycles and we cycled to the farm. Our tour guide Tien was amazing all day - so warm and friendly, she really made the day fun. I would recommend this activity day to everyone. I would also recommend just coming for lunch if you do not have time for the activities. They close in the afternoon so no evening meals are served.”

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