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Maison Fleur Hoi An


                             Welcoming Letter


When we turn our eyes to the Central region of Vietnam, we think of Hoi An with the pink and crimson hues of bougainvillea bushes winding along the roofs of old houses' tiles, accompanied by honey-coloured walls and golden-hour sunshine.


That tender scene is deeply imprinted on our feelings and thoughts every time we walk in the Old Town, on the banks of Thu Bon River, and even when we. We aspire to be a part of this beautiful city.


Maison Fleur is lucky to be built in An My flower village, one of the most peaceful and beautiful villages in Hoi An. When cycling or walking in the village, visitors from far away can easily see many families growing vegetables and flowers in the neighbourhood.


Loving flowers and cherishing this space, together with a talented architect, we wholeheartedly create a comfortable space that is also very close to the nature here. The five flowers that are regularly arranged at Maison Fleur are roses, banana flowers, lilies, and lotuses

In front of you is a vast green rice field and a garden full of flowers. Early in the morning you can hear the chirping of birds to welcome a new day. The mischievous young birds are not afraid but freely perch on the balconies of the rooms. Your skin will also be pampered on warm smooth linen sheets. And we must also mention the inviting aroma when the rice is ripe. Everything seems to blend together, awakening all your senses.


The final color to complete the picture is the Maison Fleur team. They are friendly, caring, and industrious people who are always dedicated to bringing guests from far away the most memorable experiences. They listen, acknowledge and constantly improve the service at Maison Fleur. When you are gone, we hope you will remember the nature and the people here.


Maison Fleur Hoi An 

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