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Sailing along Thu Bon River

Located in Hoi An town, Quang Nam Province, Thu Bon River is often called the “Mother River” as it brings about rich layers of alluvial soil and bestows an abundance of fish on local fishermen. Considered as a vigorous flow of Quang Nam Da Nang, Thu Bon River winds through jagged mountains in the Western Quang Nam and pours into fertile fields. On its way, the river has left numerous marks on local areas. In the morning , from Hoi An old town, visitors usually explore Thu Bon river by boat or participate in an established cruise. Sitting on a boat, you will be attracted by the bustle of craft villages along the river’s bank such as Thanh Ha for pottery, Phuoc Kieu for bronze casting, Tra Que for vegetables, Ma Chau for silk and Phu Chiem for rice paper. Besides, visitors also can enjoy some local markets to deeply experience rural life and friendly people here. A boat can carry up to about five passengers, and each ride typically takes approximately 15 to 20 minutes. Consider avoiding the roads altogether and taking in the city from the water. If visitors enjoy the boat ride in the evening, they can release colorful lanterns onto the calm river water. They will be given a lantern made from colored paper with a candle in the middle to release onto the water while making a wish. Thu Bon river has a profound spiritual value for both locals and tourists. The river has an ancient, gentle but profound beauty that makes visitors always want to learn and experience more in this river. The price of a ticket is 150.000 -200.000. Have fun with your voyage!

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