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Bai Choi - Art of Hoi An

How come you can miss the traditional games when you visit Hoi An? “Bai Choi” is a Vietnamese bingo game involving music, poetry, and acting. I’m pretty sure it will catch  your attention immediately when you pass by.


Bai Choi, a local traditional performance that combines music, poetry, and acting. Bai choi originated among farmers in the Quang region, where watch-towers were set up to watch over the rice fields. While they were on duty, village boys posted in the towers communicated with each other by singing songs or chants. 

Bai Choi, recognized by UNESCO as an intangible heritage in 2017, showcases songs and poetry that depict the local pride in traditional life and work within Quang Nam province.

Locals can be seen engaged in lively games of Chinese chess, captivating folk performances, and mesmerizing live music. The traditional music, often featuring bamboo flutes, fiddles, and drums, accompanies beautiful folk singing and poetry recitals.

Bai Choi songs are about daily life and work, which represent Vietnamese patriotism and connectivity of the community. People love “Bai Choi” because it’s not only special and unique, but it brings people together from different families and countries, laughing and having fun. Amidst the melodic performances, spectators can also participate in a card drawing game reminiscent of bingo.

“This is the first time I participated in playing cards game. It was very impressive and attractive. Especially the singing of the artists was very good, I will definitely come back to Hoi An to enjoy again." - Hoi An Visitor.

This game invites everyone to play, regardless your nationality, gender, age without any fee, and you gain a prize if you win. So come and join!

*Follow up:  Another game you don’t want to miss is “Dap nieu” – clay pot smashing. The name itself gives you the idea of how to join the game. Whether you decide to join in or simply soak up the joyful atmosphere, the presence of good-natured fun and games adds spirit. So, when visiting this festival, don’t forget to watch or play this folk game to enjoy the lively atmosphere.

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