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36 Hours in Hoi An

Imagine you are in my shoes, you only have 36 hours in Hoi An and you start to wonder where should you go. Here are some of my recommendations :).

First, I will check in with a lovely and elegant hotel with a very peaceful rice view, I like the garden space and close to nature, so I will choose according to my preferences, view very chill in Maison Fleur Luxury Hoi An

I know that the check in time is around 1pm to 2 pm but my flight arrived early that is fine, the receptionists here are very friendly, i can leave my luggage at reception desk and let’s get started. Most hotels offer bicycle service so I will start the bike journey. It takes 10 minutes to Cam Thanh Village. tried the experience of a traditional boat a bamboo basket for just 195,000. Cam Thanh Basket boat tour and cooking class is a great way to have fun day out and relax and see the real Vietnam

Then I would love to continue the bicycle journey to An Bang beach, just about 2 km from Maison Fleur Luxury Hoi An, the beach is now before my eyes. I enjoyed my lunch at a very nice restaurant in An Bang beach

I come back hotel and relax and then continue Hoi An city and local food tour begin 3:30 pm to evening time with local guide with 990,000nvd/pax/tour. Walk to the ancient town , visit Phuc Kien Chinese Assembly Hall, Tan Ky Old House, Japanese Cover Bridge and Hoi An local Market, an amazing palace where you can observe the daily life of local people

Phuc Kien Chinese Assembly Hall.

And then walk to city to various food locates . A brief walk between the different food spots lets you soak in the city atmosphere while getting ready for the next tasty dish.

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