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Mid-Autumn Festival of Vietnam

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

Welcome to Vietnam's Mid-Autumn Festival, a festival that everyone looks forward to coming every year! Mid-autumn festival is a traditional festival in Asian Culture. Traditionally, this festival celebrates the end of the Autumn harvest and it takes placeon August 15th in Luna Calendar. On this day, children dress up in speacial costumes, wear masks and play on the streets and watch the full moon.

One important event before and during Vietnamese Mid-Autumn Festival is Lion Dancing. Both non-professional and professional children groups perform dances on the streets or go to houses. If accepted by the host, “the lion” will come in and start dancing as a wish of luck.

Beside the lion dance, it is customary to offer Banh Trung Thu, boxes of moon cakes, which are traditionally very rich in taste. The cakes are filled with lotus seeds, ground beans and orange peels and have a bright yoke in the center to represent the moon. They are also made of powder, pork meat, egg, peanut, and green bean. Moon cakes represent happiness, wealth, and longevity so they are used as gifts and also for decoration purposes.

Although Vietnamese people don’t get days off at this festival, it’s one of the most expected occasions. It’s a great time for family members to gather, eat traditional foods, and share joys and sorrows. Moreover, public places are aesthetically decorated and there is a wide range of cultural and art activities all over the country. Therefore, it is one the most favourite festivals in Vietnam. What are you waiting for? Come to the Mid-Autumn Festival now!

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