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Healthy breakfast at Maison Fleur

Updated: Dec 25, 2023

People often think that having breakfast at home is always far more healthy than any hotel. They completely share this point of view until they visited Maison Fleur’s Dining room, the most memorable and joyful eating experience ever for you and your family.

The chef and the waitresses are kind, caring and attentive. Our skilled staffs take care of everything you need. The chef knows exactly what you want so the dishes are prepared accordingly your taste. Maison Fleur Dining room is a restaurant that carefully invests in quality and service. Walking in the dining room, you can feel the entire atmosphere is filled the alluring smells of spieces. Besides, it is decorated in the French styles with ocher tones that helps your eyes to relax. The wall with plants and dried flowers makes you very comfortable. Each corner of the room is meticulously decorated and gives a home-like space.

Here, you can enjoy traditional Vietnamese namely Pho , Quang Noodle, Cao Lau, Banh Mi and many other Western food options such as Bacon & Bread, Sausage, Cereal and Fresh Milk, etc. We also offer special dessert of the day, the most frequent desserts of the restaurants fruits and sweet-flavoured items.

Here, we prepare daily at least two types of fresh juices to ensure your health, in addition to a variety of premium tea brands (Ahmad, Lipton, Dilmah, etc,) and Vietnamese Signature Robusta Coffee.

Fruit jams, honey and sauces are displayed right next to cakes such as bread slices, croissants, and pancakes for customers to easily mix and match.

The most important thing is that when the dishes are served, the staff members of the restaurant are willing to come and explain the ingredients and cooking methods of the courses if you are interested.

Everything is so well-prepared but also so homey that you feel like there are people at home waiting to cook dinner for you.

Besides, our hotel has an additional menu, Customers can order more, it only takes a few minutes to have hot eggs that suit the guests' requirements. Yogurt Granola and Avocado On Toast are two very healthy dishes for all ages, so don't hesitate to order now!

A customer said ‘We had an exceptional stay at Maison Fluer. The staff did everything to make our stay enjoyable. The breakfast was fantastic with fresh cooked Vietnamese food and Western option available’’.

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